World Marketing Dura Heat Fan Forced Heater

World Marketing of America Inc Dura Heat



  • 4000 Watt Heat Output
  • Thermostat Heat Control
  • Heat Circulating Fan
  • Carry Handle and Stand
  • Permanently Lubricated Motor


Model NO.

EUH1240 (All specifications +/ - 10% tolerance)





Output Power (Watts)

4000 W

Electric Current (Amps)


Dimensions ( W x D x H)

16” x 14” x 16”

Net Weight

16.5 lbs.

BTU’s per/Hour

13,650 High



  1. Carefully remove your heater from (Please SAVE the Box for off season storage.
  2. Attach the handle using knobs
  3. Make sure the heater is switched OFF (FULL counter-clockwise position) before plugging the heater into the outlet. Connect to properly grounded outlets Note: The power cord has a NEMA #6-20P plug that will only fit in the outlet one way. If it does not fit contact your electrician to replace your outlet.
  4. Place heater only on a firm level surface, free from obstructions and at least 3 ft. away from any wall or other objects such as curtains, plants, etc.
  5. Avoid overloading your circuit by not using other high wattage appliances in the same outlet.


  1. Completely uncoil the cord and plug heater directly into a 240 Volt grounded AC wall Be sure the plug fits tightly. A loose fit will cause overheating and damage the plug. Plug and cord may feel warm during normal usage. DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORDS. DO NOT CUT OFF PLUG AND WIRE DIRECTLY.
  1. Thermostat: Turn to highest setting until room is Then slowly rotate the knob counter clockwise (left) until the heater cycles OFF. At this SET POINT the heater will cycle On and Off to maintain this comfort level.
  1. It is necessary to allow the heater to cool for 10 minutes before


  • This heater is equipped with an AUTOMATIC OVERHEAT SAFETY DEVICE that will turn off the power to the HEATING ELEMENT should the internal temperature of the heater exceed normal levels. If this should happen the heating element will turn off. Should this condition occur, immediately remove any obstructions and set the heater on a level surface. When the temperature returns to normal levels power to the heating element will be restored and the heater should function normally.

  • This heater is for use on 240 volts. The cord has a plug of 6-20P as shown on the front page. No adapter is available for this blade configuration, and none should be The type outlet is a 240 volt grounding outlet. When properly installed, it provides a ground connection through the cord to the heater to protect the operator from electric shock.


If your heater fails to operate, please do the following:

  • Review these instructions to insure you understand the basic operations and features of your heater. (Example: Overheat Protection)
  • Check your circuit breaker of fuse for proper
  • Check for Unplug the heater for 30 minutes, clear any obstructions and restart the heater.
  • Do NOT expect the heating coils to A tint of orange may be noticeable in places on the element away from the main air flow.


Dust, dirt, pet hair, etc can all diminish your heaters performance and can lead to unwanted odors. For best performance clean your heater frequently, at least once per season. ALWAYS TURN OFF AND UNPLUG THE HEATER BEFORE CLEANING.

  • Turn Heater OFF, unplug it and wait for the heater to become
  • Use a dry cloth to clean only external surfaces of the
  • A vacuum with soft brush may used to clean louvered
  • Wrap and tie the cord to protect it from
  • Repack the heater in its original carton and store it in dry place.

NEVER attempt to open or service the heater yourself. Doing so may cause damage or personal injury. (See Warranty Card for more information)


Use this heater only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by the manufacturer may cause FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK or injury to persons.

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