HTH® Pool Care Alkalinity Up

HTH® Pool Care Alkalinity Up

HTH Pools


Raise the total alkalinity level to ensure healthy swimming pool water and happy swimmers.

  • Raises total alkalinity levels in pool water
  • Helps pH levels from fluctuating
  • Protects against skin & eye irritation
  • Protects equipment and pool surfaces

Raises alkalinity levels

Keeps total alkalinity and pH levels in range in swimming pool water.

Prevents surface damage

Helps prolong the life of pool surfaces and equipment (pumps, filters and heaters).

You’re all clear with HTH®

For best results, use HTH® 6-Way Test Strips weekly to test, balance and maintain alkalinity levels between 60 and 120 ppm.

How to use

HTH® Alkalinity Up

1. Test Your Pool Water

Use HTH® 6-Way Test Strips or Test Kit.

2. Apply HTH® Alkalinity Up

If the total alkalinity level measures below 60, apply directly to your swimming pool.

3. Test & Balance Weekly

Total alkalinity should be maintained between 60 and 120 ppm.

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